Please use the map above if you are planning a visit to our facility! GPS and smart phone apps will get you lost!
If you have any questions about Top Shooting Kennel, don't hesitate to contact Us. We are here to help!

You may also reach us at our personal emails, by phone or text message.

Name: Marcel Zaharia
Phone Number: 602-497-5900


Should I bring my dog’s food?

A: Your dog’s training includes the food we feed at the kennel. We feed Purina ProPlan to all of our dogs, however, if you would prefer your dog to stay on the same food they are eating at home, you may bring their food.

Should I bring any of my own training equipment (e-collars, leads, etc.)?

A: We have all of the training equipment we need to train your dog at the kennel. We use DT Systems e-collars and a variety of other training equipment we would not expect for you to have or bring. However, if you have an e-collar that you would like to feel comfortable handling your dog with, feel free to bring your own e-collar for your dog’'s send home and we will be happy to help you.

Should I bring toys and bedding for my dog so they remember me?

A: Please do NOT bring toys and bedding for your dog. Your dog may pull their toys outside and get them dirty, or another dog may pull it into their kennel. Also if we have to take toys and bedding away there is the chance that it will get mixed in with the kennel's laundry and training equipment and will not be returned to you.

Should I bring my dog’s flea and tick medicine or heartworm preventative medicine?

A: You may bring your dog's medications, however, if you would prefer us to medicate your dogs we will do so for a minimal fee. We use a flea and tick preventative called Frontline that is applied to the dog’'s fur once a month. We also use a heartworm preventative called Iverheart Max once a month that is given orally to the dogs.